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2020, Berl

This 1000 indicates the number of times this work has been drilled.

The concept is to repeat one act of drilling like a habit of animals. Rather than intentionally creating a shape, it repeats the act of puncturing a hole at right angles to the surface by setting the number of times to 1000 times. As soon as there was no place to make a hole, the stone was rolled and pierced the next surface.

The creative activity of digging stone is always side by side with its destruction.

Originally, there are a number of theories to dig accurately using stone. However, this work is intentionally against the theory of stone carving. The act of piercing a stone is essentially an act of breaking a stone wastefully. However, unnecessarily new shapes and surfaces are created from the wastefully broken parts, and from there, the holes are more vertically penetrated, which results in more random and unpredictable shapes.

By the end of the 1000 cycle, the volume had dropped considerably and was broken up into several smaller chunks. Eventually, the stones that were completely destroyed by standing at angles were reconstructed as sculptures.

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